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This deck was designed and created by Jessamyn Fitzpatrick, a Chicago based theatre artist, consent educator and pleasure seeker.

The card fronts are collaged and written by her. Jessamyn has worked as a sexual assault prevention specialist, sex educator, teaching artist, actor, writer and producer for various organizations for the past several years and is passionate about arts-based activism. 

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The back image of the cards, featured throughout this website and displayed here on the left, is an original design by Chicago artist Amy Lee Gonzalez.

Find more of her work at and @amysworkshop

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In attempting to create something universal, let me acknowledge the specific. My expertise in the realms of sex positivity comes from a mixture of lived experience and professional training. I have a background in theatre, sexual assault prevention, consent education, and a healthy addiction to nerding out on sexual anthropology. The idea for this deck came from my innate curiosity, delight, and deftness in holding space for curious conversations surrounding sex and sexuality. These are the gifts I hope to share. 

I am also a white, cisgender woman, who is able-bodied and conventionally attractive in many ways. With some exceptions, my sexual partners have been cisgender men, and so I identify as straight. All of these identities are present in my experience of sex, and will, inevitably, inform my perspectives. Only YOU are the expert of your own experience, and the same is true for me. My only hope, in all of these practices, is to open a door for reflection, inquiry and dialogue, allowing you to fall in love with the questions themselves, to honor your ever-evolving state of being.

I make mistakes often, contradict myself bravely, and endeavor to be authentic in all things, including those that I haven't quite figured out yet. I love that you are here reading this. I hope we get to talk to each other, and learn from one another.

xo Jessamyn

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