shame free curiosity for your sexual self.



Sex Positivity Tarot is a tarot-inspired practice that invites participants to explore  questions and image prompts surrounding sexuality in a curious, playful and shame-free space, to better nourish their own sexual self.  

Readings are designed to offer participants a roadmap to considering how best to foster and explore their relationship to sex and sexuality.

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This deck is for you because you deserve the kind of relationship you want. Most especially with yourself.

This is for you because you deserve to know what healthy, safe, joyful sexual expression means to you, and sometimes the world we live in makes that hard or unsafe.

This is for you because whatever your relationship to sex and sexuality is, it is yours – perfect, messy, scary and evolving – like you.

The goal of these cards is to open pathways of thought, curiosity and reflection. Think of them like little boats carrying you on whatever current your sexual being is journeying right now.

And know that wherever you are is enough.

You are enough.



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